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Bitcoin has changed the concept of “finance” forever. Now, there's a decentralized and trustless way to send money anywhere in the world without dealing with intermediaries like governments or financial institutions.

But the revolution doesn't stop at finance! ChainRecorder takes this groundbreaking principle a step further, embracing the decentralized ethos of Bitcoin to give you control over your intellectual property. Through our service, your documents are not just timestamped but sovereign, secured by the immutable Bitcoin blockchain and the Lightning Network.

No longer must individuals and businesses yield to centralized authorities.

ChainRecorder leverages blockchain technology to restore freedom, control, and self-governance in the digital world.

Join us in this exciting journey towards a future where YOU dictate the terms.

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What is

In a world where trust is eroding and control over personal data is slipping away, ChainRecorder offers a beacon of freedom and sovereignty.

Leveraging the decentralized power of Bitcoin and the Lightning Network, ChainRecorder restores control to individuals and businesses by providing an unalterable timestamp for your audio, video, text files and just about any other file type you can think of! It's about more than verifiability, privacy, and security - it's about freedom and empowerment.

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Timestamped Proof Of Existence Icon
Timestamped Proof Of Existence

ChainRecorder can verify that documents existed at a specific time without exposing the data.

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Perfect for songs, movies, legal documents, policies, procedures, and evidence of research conducted.

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Fast & Easy

Utilizing the Lightning Network for swifter transactions, the process is quick and hassle-free.

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Built on the trusted Bitcoin Blockchain Network, ChainRecorder provides immutable proof of existence.

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While ChainRecorder can prove authenticity, your documents/files still remain completely yours.

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How Does

ChainRecorder leverages the robust infrastructure of the Bitcoin Blockchain along with the Lightning Network to provide a secure and unalterable timestamp to your documents. It's a trustless, efficient, and reliable way to provably verify your audio, video, and text files.

It's a trustless, efficient, and reliable way to provably verify your audio, video, and text files.

How Step 1

Step 1

Choose Your Document

Your creation, your control. Select the document you wish to authenticate.

How Step 1

Step 2

Hash Your File

ChainRecorder employs the Bitcoin Blockchain to create a secure and irrefutable time-stamped hash.

How Step 1

Step 3

Verify Anytime, Anywhere

Your timestamped document belongs to you and can be verified whenever needed, proving its existence and integrity.

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What Industries
Do We Serve?

There are countless use cases for ChainRecorder, but here are some of the sectors/industries we are able to serve:

IP / Patents / Copyrights / Trademarks (Any Industry)

Blockchain timestamps provide an indisputable record of history, crucial for copyrights, IP (intellectual property), and patents. These timestamps offer creators and artists undeniable proof of publication, bolstering their position in negotiations, licensing agreements, and copyright claims.


Academic researchers stand to benefit significantly from blockchain timestamping. They can validate their authenticity of patents or papers through ChainRecorder without relying on third-party intermediaries and offer the advantage of streamlined research access.


In the realm of legal documents, lawyers and notaries play a central role in verifying signatures. ChainRecorder offers a trustless and immutable way to verify when these legal documents were signed. This reduces client costs and democratizes access to justice by decreasing complexities and high legal fees.

Supply Chain

ChainRecorder offers a significant application in modern supply chains because it can track various attributes, including price, location, quality, certification, and delivery date. ChainRecorder can reduce losses from counterfeit products and enhance compliance and visibility thanks to the transparency and traceability of blockchain.


In the insurance sector, blockchain timestamps can be transformative for claims verification and policy management. By recording critical events and details in an immutable manner, insurers can swiftly validate incidents, ensuring accurate and prompt claim settlements. In the insurance world, ChainRecorder can also help streamline administrative processes, reduce fraudulent claims, and foster more client trust/confidence.

Our Mission

ChainRecorder is for the law firm that wants to streamline their workload, the inventor trying to protect their patent, and the musician who wants to prove digital authenticity of their latest album.

Whether you’re trying to use ChainRecorder for educational certification, artwork, or real estate/legal documents - we believe in the power of transparency without compromising privacy.

Timestamping and being able to verify content on the blockchain is more important than ever with the rise of AI, deepfakes, and other technological trends that make it easier to deceive, impersonate, and misinform.

Our mission is to revolutionize the realm of document certification, marrying the age-old practice of proving authenticity with cutting-edge blockchain technology.

We believe in freedom from intermediaries, transparency, and sovereignty