The official ChainRecorder whitepaper


As we charter the oceans of the digital age, we face unique challenges—artificial intelligence (AI) and deep fakes cloud the waters, creating waves of uncertainty. The game is about more than keeping afloat; it's about deciphering the real from the replicas, the genuine from the facsimiles. With this swell in digital ambiguity, the quest for a solution to confirm time-stamped existence and authenticate genuineness has never been more crucial. The era calls for a revolutionary tool, one that can stand firm against the tide, cutting through the chaos to provide a beacon of trust and authenticity. We're no longer forecasting the storm; we're innovating ways to command the weather.

Enter ChainRecorder - a groundbreaking and powerful recording service that leverages the Bitcoin blockchain to offer indisputable proof of existence and authenticity of digital assets. By providing this novel service, we bring trust, security, and authentication to users across the world. Riding on the promise of the decentralized power of Bitcoin and the Lightning Network, ChainRecorder allows individuals and businesses to assert control over their digital assets, offering a beacon of freedom and sovereignty in an age of eroding privacy and deep fakes.

Leveraging the decentralized power of Bitcoin, ChainRecorder restores control to individuals and businesses by providing an unalterable timestamp for your audio, video, text files and just about any other file type you can think of! It's about more than verifiability, privacy, and security - it's about freedom and empowerment.

ChainRecorder Rewards (CRR) is a rewards system that incentivizes users to participate in the #SaveTheWeb initiative. CRR will be used as a medium of exchange for ChainRecorder’s services. CRR rewards will be exchangeable for the ChainRecorder Coin (CRC). The ChainRecorder Coin is a digital asset with a current monetary value of 1 CRC to $10 USD, the current cost to Chain 1 digital asset to the Bitcoin blockchain.

Also, the ChainRecorder ecosystem offers a publicly searchable database of “Chained” digital assets stored on the Interplanetary File System (IPFS). If a user chooses they can make their chained files “Public” similar to what you would do at a Clerk Recorder’s office found in every County of every State of The United States of America.

Furthermore, the ChainRecorder service currently offers a public Zapier integration ready for millions of people to start using.

And this is just the beginning! The full scope of the applications for the core service of hashing digital assets and recording to the Bitcoin blockchain are yet to be discovered.